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Thank you for your continued interest in career opportunities with UNC Health! Please note the following:

Discovery Teammate Referral Program:

**This referral program is applicable to teammates within UNC Health's core facilities and divisions. This includes UNC Health Caldwell, UNC Health Chatham, UNC Health Alliance, UNC Hospitals (UNC Medical Center, UNC Hillsborough, and UNC Faculty Physicians), UNC Health Johnston, UNC Physicians Network, UNC Health Rex, UNC Rex Holly Springs, UNC Health Rockingham, and Shared Services.**

Current teammates, looking to refer someone? Check out our Teammate Referral Program to earn extra cash!

Current teammates, please ensure that you submit your candidate in our system, before they apply. For teammate referral guidelines and eligibility, click here.

Imaging Commitment Incentive Program

*Candidates must be hired into qualifying imaging positions at UNC Health Rex, UNC Medical Center, or UNC Physicians Network. This program is effective to those offered a position from the list below on June 26th, 2022, and after. This program will be periodically reviewed for a discontinuation date. There is no discontinuation date at this time. 

Eligible positions at UNC Medical Center:

  • Cardiac Cath Specialist (effective July 10, 2023)
  • Cardiovascular Sonographer
  • CT Techs
  • Maternal Fetal Medicine Sonographer
  • MRI Techs
  • Radiologic Techs / Interventional Radiologic Techs
  • Ultrasound Tech I & II

Eligible positions at UNC Faculty Physicians:

  • Maternal Fetal Ultrasound Tech
  • Ultrasound Tech I & II

Eligible positions at UNC Health Rex:

  • Cardiovascular Sonographer
  • Cardiovascular Specialist
  • CT Techs
  • Echo Supervisor
  • MRI Techs
  • Radiologic Techs
  • Ultrasound Tech I & II

Eligible positions at UNC Physicians Network:

  • Radiologic Techs

Program Guidelines:

  • Must be hired into a full-time position. 
  • ​Not currently employed, or employed within the previous twelve (12) months at any UNC Health system-owned entity.   
  • Employees must remain in good standing throughout the work commitment period.  If the employee receives a final written warning, demotion, resigns, or is terminated, the incentive will be discontinued and all remaining scheduled payments will be discontinued.
  • Teammate must be in active status at the time of their commitment work-through date; otherwise, the payment will be cancelled. Remaining installment payments may resume upon the teammate’s return to active status. Active is defined as a teammate who is actively working or receiving Paid Time Off.
  • The work commitment must be fulfilled in the department where the employee is initially hired.

Payout Amount and Details for UNC Medical Center positions:

  • $15,000 for a three (3) year commitment.
  • Equal payments will be made every six (6) months from the start date during the three (3) year commitment.

Payout Amount and Details for UNC Faculty Physician positions:

  • $15,000 for a three (3) year commitment.
  • Equal payments will be made every six (6) months from the start date during the three (3) year commitment.

Payout Amount for UNC Heath Rex positions:

Effective on job offers made September 5, 2023, and after:

  •  Cardiovascular Sonographers, Cardiovascular Specialists, CT Techs, MRI Techs, and Ultrasound Tech I & II offer the option of $10,000 for a two (2) year work commitment or the option of $15,000 for a three (3) year work commitment.
  •  Echo Supervisors offer $15,000 for a three (3) year commitment.
  •  Radiologic Techs offer $10,000 for a two (2) year commitment.

Payout Schedule:

  1. If a two (2) year commitment, equal installments will be made to the teammate after six (6) months, twelve (12) months, and twenty-four (24) months.
  2. If a three (3) year commitment, equal installments will be made after twelve (12) months, twenty-four (24) months, and thirty-six (36) months. 

Payout Amount for UNC Physician Network positions:

  • $15,000 for a three (3) year commitment. 
  • Equal payments will be made every six (6) months from the start date during the three (3) year commitment. 

Employee Referral:

  • Current UNC Health employees will receive a referral bonus for referring qualified and hired imaging candidates. Payment is made in two equal installments. The first payment is at 6 months after the new hire's start date, and the second payment is at one-year completion. Current employees can refer here! Program start and end date is ongoing.


*UNC Health employees are not eligible for recruitment incentives when going from one owned entity to another.*

Diversity Statement

UNC Health and the UNC School of Medicine are committed to valuing all people throughout our organization, regardless of background, lifestyle, and culture. A diverse and inclusive work environment for staff and culturally appropriate care for our patients, are essential to fulfilling our UNC Health vision of improving the health of all North Carolinians.

Equal Employment Opportunity

UNC Health is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer.

Qualified applicants will be considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, genetic information, disability, status as a protected veteran or political affiliation.

All interested applicants are invited to apply for career opportunities. Please refer to our Employment Application Accessibility page if you need a reasonable accommodation to search and/or to apply for a career opportunity.

To verify employment eligibility, UNC Health is committed to Form I-9 and the E-Verify process.

Learn further E-Verify details in E-Verify (English) or E-Verify (Spanish).

UNC Health supports your right to work. View the Right of Work Statement (English) or Right of Work Statement (Spanish).

View the KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (English) or the KNOW YOUR RIGHTS (Spanish)posters.

View the PAY TRANSPARENCY (English) or the PAY TRANSPARENCY (Spanish)Nondiscrimination provision posters.

View the Federal Workplace poster. View our EEO/AA Policy Statement.